Meetings / Seminars / Conferences

The seminar rooms of DAS HOTEL are located on the ground level with access to the patio and the surrounding garden. The soothing view and silence are the perfect setting in this state of the art seminar facility.
The total area of the conference rooms is about 270 m² (3000 sq ft). According to your needs, the area can be split with sound-insulated partitions in up to 5 separate rooms with different sizes.

Additional, 2 foyers in front of the rooms are available, where we offer coffee, tea and cake, according to your wishes.
Please, feel free to have a look at DAS HOTEL and the seminar rooms. We would like to discuss and support your planning of a successful conference. Additional we are quite experienced to help creating and organizing an adequate framework program.


Our variable seminar / conference room

We will adapt it for you from 30 m² (320 sq ft) for 12 persons to 270 m² (2.900 sq ft) for about 86 persons.

Übersicht Tagungsräume Burghof Hotel


In all seminar rooms the following technical facilities are available

  • 20 Gbit/s LAN, WLAN
  • Air condition
  • Permanent fresh air supply with heat recovery system
  • Beamer and electrical silver screen
  • VGA-, HDMI- and 220V-sockets in the floor
  • Wireless microphone
  • Ceiling loudspeaker
  • Electrical jalousie to darken the rooms
  • Variable light scenario: 4000 K, 2800 K
  • Touch panel to control the technical facilities
  • Flipchart
  • Metaplan board
  • Pinn board
  • Moderator case


Please fill in your data. Immediately we will check the date of your requested accommodation and will contact you.